Monday, 23 March 2015

The Colour Violet..

A short walk this afternoon took us through the village and along the wall of the Parc de Richelieu.

This is the southernmost corner of the 7km wall which surrounds the Parc de Richelieu, the site of a once magnificent Chateau.

Unfortunately the chateau is no more but the outer wall remains - just - and keeps the local stonemasons in business!

It was in the shade of this wall that we found hundreds of violets..

The colour theme continued with Lungwort..

and Periwinkle..

It's so uplifting to see colour returning to the countryside.

We'll try to bear this in mind tomorrow when it pours down all day, if the forecast is correct!

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Susan said...

It's not pouring down, but by golly it's miserable isn't it?