Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Better Late than Never..

Because of a combination of weather conditions and spending time away in England, we are late getting the potager planted up this year.

However, after a couple of busy days outside, we've prepared much of the ground for planting and weeded the strawberry patch, which is in the background of the photo...

Colin has made a start on building two raised beds to (hopefully!) get a better yield from a smaller area of earth

And I have dug over and, for the first time, had a go with the rotivator, on a bed which I am going to reduce in size (there is a pattern emerging here - and it's to do with age!) The section outside the roped off area will be grassed over. The little craters house iris bulbs, which should make a colourful display in July/August..

All of a sudden, it seems, the whole garden is springing (no pun intended) into life. We have a lovely display of anemone..

And because I did as I promised last year, (ie. moved all the hyacinth bulbs to more prominent positions), the scent and colour of these flowers is wonderful

The apricot "twig" is covered in blossom. Let's just hope it stays that way and doesn't succumb to disease or drop!

And to top it all, we heard the first cuckoo this afternoon!

Now to go back out in the garden, because whilst writing the above, I've realised that I didn't cover up the iris bulbs... they are still sitting in their little craters!

Whoops!! Well I did say it was to do with age!!

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