Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fritillaria meleagris - Snakeshead Fritillary

We have Susan to thank for an opportunity grabbed with both hands this afternoon.

Her post on Snakeshead Fritillaries in flower prompted us to head for the Veron, the area in a triangle west of Chinon and between the rivers Loire and Vienne, to view them for ourselves.

This has become an annual event for us. In 2013 we went on 3rd April. Last year it was a good deal earlier - 14th March - and we were only just in time to see them as they had already begun to drop their petals. This year, with the cooler weather, we were leaving it a little while longer, until we read of Susan's sighting - and that decided us.

And we were not disappointed! We'll let the photos speak for themselves

Snakeshead Fritillary, the most elegant of wild flowers, were there in abundance, and what a fabulous sight to see in the glorious sunshine!

And then what did it do on our way home??

It hailed and sleeted!!


Tim said...

Cracking set of shots...
'specially the humble-bumble a'doing its task!!
It only heeted and slailed because you were out Bessie the Beachcomber...
hail on a 2CV roof is deafening!!

Susan said...

Love the bumble bee photo!

Craig said...

They really are super wild plants. Well done on the photographs.