Thursday, 6 October 2011

Polished to perfection...

Last month I mentioned my disappointing result with the stone polisher.

Having put the salvageable pebbles back into the drum for another session of grinding followed by a week in the polisher the result is much better. These are some of the finished pebbles:

I'm much happier about these, which is just as well because our visitors last week very kindly brought me some pebbles collected from the banks of La Vienne, near L'Ile Bouchard.

Guess it's back to the grinder for me - literally!


Jean said...

What are you going to do with them? Some of the smaller ones would look lovely wire-wrapped or in a bead cage as a pendant for a necklace....!!

Jean said...

Oops!! Have just checked your art page and found that you already make them into necklaces! Still, a bead cage is an alternative option !!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I love the wire-wrapped idea, Jean! You are welcome to take some of them to make up as you wish. Remind me!!!