Saturday, 29 October 2011

Carrots with everything!

The last of the carrots were dug up yesterday so that we can rotivate the potager in preparation for the winter. Quite what we're going to do with all the carrots is yet to be decided. Carrots with everything, I guess!

One thing's for sure: there will be nothing wrong with our night vision!


Jean said...

How about carrot soup, carrot and ginger soup, carrot cake, carrot cookies, roasted carrots, creamed carrots, carrots instead of potato on your shepherds pie (quite nice) or just frozen carrots.......... the ones you gave us were delish !!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Carrot and ginger soup done! All the rest to go. Thanks!

Tim said...

Colin and Elizabeth, are you not having any over-wintering crops in your potager?
Or do you just mean rotavate that part of the plot?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Hi Tim We have a few parsnips that's all. So most of its getting the Rotavator. We will be reducing the size for next year to bring it away from the poplar trees. This year was our first and the land was grass up to us having it ploughed last year at this time. Now we know what will grow and what areas need soil attention. We would love a lorry load of manure if you have one in your yard doing nothing!!

Tim said...

We haven't any manure! And having heard about Alex & Nicole's experience with manure from M.Salais at Grandmont [just up on the hill above us] we won't be getting any from there either!! Apparently it killed all the worms in the areas it was put?!! Not nice.
Also, a lot of farmers use a selective weedkiller now on their grasslands which the UK Allotment movement has successfully tried to get a moratorium on it's use [albeit temporary... end of 2012 in the first instance].
I am mowing our meadow and raking the grass/nettles into piles and letting it rot down and am going to gather that. When our grenier was cleaned out we got the contents put into what was the milking parlour manure heap and let that rot down... it has worked very well as I've ploughed it in. So when we get into real production on that front you can come over and collect a trailer load.
We have overwintering Red Russian and Black Tuscan Kales, Swede, Stonehead Cabbage, Autumn King Carrots,Parsnips, Chard, Red Cabbage, Mooli Radish and a few other things.... also Pauline planted the overwintering onions, shallots and garlic yesterday [before Toussaints is vital apparently?]