Saturday, 15 October 2011


Last week we got our supply of wood for the winter. This week it was time to have the chimney swept ready for the cold winter nights!! As our wood burner has a clapet to regulate the speed of burning, the chimney has to be swept from the top down.

The clapet!!
This year (being our second!!) we had a change of chimney sweep. M. Maunet was recommended by one of our neighbours. His service was excellent and could not be faulted.

He was soon on the roof with brush at the ready.

 Off with the cover plate and the sweeping began.

A quick cleanup of the soot from inside the fire and we are ready to go. It has always surprised me how little soot there actually is. I can remember when I was a lad and my parents used to have a coal fire. When that was swept the soot went on forever more!! The good old days !!!

It makes you want it to turn cold!!! Not really but it is nice in winter to sit in front of!!!

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Anonymous said...

We're due to have ours swept in a couple of weeks too.

We were lucky to get the sweep before Christmas, he has a waiting list as long as your arm.