Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First Anniversary

A year ago today we moved to France. We've been looking back to twelve months ago and the changes we've made in that time....

Arriving in Braye!
We arrived with just a car load of belongings as we had intended returning to England later that week to complete the move.

But as we blogged back in January, things didn't go according to plan!

Despite this we had a wonderful start to life here. We got stuck in cutting down some of the eighty six leylandii which fronted the property; we've decorated; we've ploughed and planted; we've installed and repaired and we've relaxed and welcomed our families and friends.

A couple of before and after shots....


So now we begin our second year. What it will hold for us, no-one can foretell but if it's anything like the last one we won't be complaining!

Here's to us and to our families who have supported us and encouraged us to live out our dream!


Diane said...

Congratulations. Hope the second year goes from strength to strength. Diane

GaynorB said...


We hope you continue to live our your dream, and we look forward to reading all about it.

Best wishes,

Gaynor and Tim

Tim said...

Happy'niversary... keep on truckin'!!
Raise a toast to yourselves... but of course... you've already done so! I hope.
The offer on your house was accepted the month we arrived to try and push things on a bit [we've had the house since 2003]... in January this year we decided to make it permanent! Great, init!