Monday, 17 October 2011

One tree too many...

We are not short of trees here at La Croix Blanche. We have trees of the fruiting variety, ornamental trees and trees for shade and privacy. But one tree fulfils none of these functions and its days have been numbered for some time now. The tree in question is the cherry to the right of the photo below.

To save us sweeping up yet more leaves we took the chainsaw to it over the weekend.

A few of the lower branches lopped off, and Colin was ready to fell the tree. It was down before I got time to take a picture!
ALL that was left to do was dispose of the branches and trunk. This was easier than I'd thought because we simply cut the trunk and thicker branches into logs  and the thinner branches could be put in the "hole" - one almighty composting area - and left to rot down. (Note the shorts - in the middle of October! And don't they look good with wellies?!)

The result is a much better view across the side garden and an addition to the log pile - once the wood has been left for a couple of years to mature.

So even this tree has its uses, retrospectively!!

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