Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bread of life??

Either I have 'found religion' or I've gone completely barking (there's a fine line, I know!!) Yesterday a road sign spoke to me:

I had just eaten the last of the supply of gluten free bread we'd brought back from the UK. How did the road sign know?

I, for one, am converted! That road is  my 'road to Damascus'. So no more ignoring the signs for me.. From this day forth I'll obey them and treat them with due reverence. For who knows what lies around the corner??
(Apologies for the mark on the photo taken through the car windscreen... Could that be a sign, too!)


Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...


I'm off in the car in a desperate search for a village called... "Vin Gratuit" - there must be one somewhere?

All the best


Jean said...

Pain perdu is actually a French pudding, made by dipping bread into egg and sugar, I think:


It's not the only village we have seen named after food - we came across one named after fried fish......

GaynorB said...

Just ask if you would like some gluten free supplies brought over. We do a good online shopping service with delivery included!