Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Leaves and more leaves

The leaves have started falling with some gusto now... So this morning it being so so dry and rain forcast for later we decided to get rid of a few along with a pile of small branches that had blown from the poplars over the last few weeks !!!

Nothing like a few leaves to dampen down a fire.

In addition to burning the leaves this year we have built a large compost bin!!

In it we are putting a mixture of green garden waste and compacted leaves in the hope of some good compost..

Elizabeth has discoved that some of a similar mixture of green waste and leaves we placed in the HOLE has turned into very acceptable compost...

Sorry for the late post. We are having internet problems and have very intermittent connection!! awaiting a techy coming!!!


Anonymous said...

Crikey,it does look Autumnal.

We're having another Indian Summer here so the leaves are still firmly in place and the shrubs are flowering again.


Diane said...

Oops, looks like we will have lots of sweeping up when we get back for our compost heap! Diane