Thursday, 21 July 2011

Water Softener Part 2

Up with the lark, well 08:45, breakfast and some jugs of water for the necessary brews. It was all go, water turned off, old pipework stripped out and the remaining new pipework fabricated to suit. BUT as usually happens I discovered I was one fitting short... Down to the Colomat in Richelieu which fortunately stocked what I required.

Pipework assembled and the last soldered joint was made...

The water was turned fully back on and the minor leaks on the compression fittings were repaired by a bit more brute force tightening them. All ready to connect the softener, add the salt and commission.

Commissioning involved programming the digital controller with time,day and then the water hardness; ours tested at 350 ppm. For information on Water Harness See Here

This was then followed by an initial regeneration cycle which took 82 minutes. (this will in future happen at 02:00 hrs when we have used approximately 2000 litres of water - hopefully!)

We now have a fully functional water softener, although we will have some time to wait until we have used the 300 litres of hard hot water before we can enjoy the full benefits....

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