Friday, 15 July 2011

Albino Beet !!

We planted a row of normal red beetroot in the potager back in April. Over the past few weeks Elizabeth has been harvesting small quantities to have with our salads.

On the last pulling one of the beetroots came up as completely white.

The beetroot was boiled along with the normal red ones.


It tastes just the same as the red variety but I can honestly say that when you place a piece in your mouth to eat it you don't expect it to. I think the brain only expects red beetroot to taste like beetroot. It is most bizarre!!

They do sell seeds for albino beets but how we should have one in a long row remains a mystery...


norma said...

No, sorry, too freaky. Beetroot just must be red! Although.....presumably it is less messy to cook and does not stain the tablecloth if you drop a bit.

Diane said...

I cannot imagine a beetroot not being red, it just does not sound right !! Diane

Craig said...

It looks like a parsnip in the first photo. I love beetroot but I agree with the others that I think it needs to be red!