Saturday, 2 July 2011

Old carvings

This morning on our way to the supermarket in Chatellerault we called to look at Tiss'affaires, a fabric/ sewing material shop. What we didn't realise that it was market day, parking was at a premium and all we had was a shop name and the street name.

We secured a parking place on a free car park at the bottom of Rue Saint-André and walked in the direction the sat nav indicated. However we could not see the street anywhere. Elizabeth asked a couple who were shopping in the market, but neither of them knew and suggested we ask a policeman!!! There were three standing talking so we asked them.

The youngest of the three crossed his arms across his chest pointing in both directions. The others appeared to point in opposite directions. When we said the shop name they sorted us out in a jiffy.. It turned out the shop was just around the corner... After satisfying Elizabeth's desire to see and feel lots and lots of  different fabric we proceeded back to the car.

The moral of this story is when in doubt, ask a policeman.......

On the way back we noticed a couple of old carved figures on the front of number 14, Rue saint-André

The head has clearly gone on the LH side one but is still visible on the RH side. They look like they have been a pair of Lions guarding the front entrance. The Rue saint-André is quite a narrow little street as this small photo from google earth shows.

Internet searches have revealed nothing about the property so it is like many other such carvings in France they remain just a mystery... Unless anyone knows otherwise..

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Diane said...

It is quite frustrating when you cannot track down the history of a place you have been. When I can, it is usually in French as my French is rubbish I still have a problem :-( Diane