Friday, 8 July 2011

Le Tour

Today we went to see the seventh stage of most famous cycle event in the world, Le Tour de France. Le Mans to Chataeuroux distance 218kms.  All the details are here

Our friends, in their blog Days on the Claise, had mentioned the village of Faverolles sur Cher, just south of Montrichard, was to hold a fete to celebrate the event.

After looking around the fete we located ourselves just outside the village, with a good vantage point looking towards Montrichard.

First to arrive was the 'caravan', a procession of floats of the various sponsors. They went on and on and on....


Then some time later came the main event, the riders. When they arrived there were four out in front.

These were followed by the Peloton, the main group of riders. How do they ride so close together?? 

The helicopters following amazed me, ALL eight of them. How they don't crash must be one of life's mysteries.

It was a great day out and to be recommended.

The stage was won by Mark Cavendish.


Craig said...

Watched it on TV! You're area looked lovely. Glad that you enjoyed it.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Craig - We were the ones waving!!!

Jean said...

Wish we could have been there !! We saw it pass through LGP 2 years ago and it was a fantastic and memorable day.

Sarah said...

Remember when the tour of Britain passed our house can't believe the speed they ride so close together xx