Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cheeky Woodpecker

Elizabeth noted the cache of cones and nuts under the pear tree earlier in the month. At the time we thought it could be mice... Wrong... yesterday evening the culprit was caught red headed as it were!!!

The juvenile greater spotted or middle spotted woodpecker was pinching our hazelnuts, placing them in a knot hole in the pear tree and breaking them open. A trait more common with greater spotted woodpeckers.

After it spotted me it was off leaving the evidence in the hole!!

However, in a pathetic attempt to save some of our hazelnuts, when it returns it will find it has been replaced by a stone.

Note on the Taupes... None caught as of today.... Looking like it may be the gas fireworks again!!

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Susan said...

I have the same going on in my orchard.