Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Potato nests!

Whilst digging potatoes I unearthed a mouse which promptly went to ground in another hole further along the row of potatoes.

Excitement over my next dig produced a baby mouse... and then a second.. 

We tried our best to reunite the family and hoped they would find another place to nest. When we realised they'd been eating our potatoes, we hoped that other place would be far away from the potager!
Could these little creatures be responsible for the cache of cones and nuts found under the pear tree?

The pear tree is on the right of the photo and the hazelnut on the left.. The cones come from the front of the garden quite a distance away....

Who knows???


Diane said...

Digging up my compost bin this year I found a whole nest of mice! Sure they could be responsible for the collection under the tree. I find collections of nut shells under my trees and those I am sure are a dormouse. Cute little chap with a fluffy tail but very destructive!! Diane

Craig said...

It's a shame they are such a pest as they are so cute.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Colin and Elizabeth;
Oh dear, one thing is always for sure...where there is one mouse, several others are never very far behind. And, how dispiriting that they are in and amongst your potatoes. Moving them on may be tricky!

We have enjoyed reading your most engaging posts having found you via Craig and look forward to following your future adventures in this most beautiful part of France.