Monday, 25 July 2011

Potager update ( Salad Area)

It is some time since I wrote about the potager, 28th May to be exact. Where has the time gone...  The four rows of potatoes have died off and we have been eating them since the 28th May. We have started digging the rest up for storing. Peas have been and gone ( Eaten and frozen.) Haricote beans are endless and our freezer is filling up fast. The rest of the produce we are picking and eating as required.

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers well!!!


My reservations about growing tomatoes outside were totally unfounded. I have never ever had so many tomatoes on each truss. Elizabeth has just picked seven pounds and as I write is looking for recipes!!! The majority of seeds I cultivated were English varieties which I wrote about here

My only minor disappointment is with the choice of cucumber. I should have had one which was F1 and did not need the male flowers nipping off.  They are incredibly difficult to spot and miss one and the cucumbers are bitter... There is always next year....

I have never had any success with peppers grown in the greenhouse but here they have done well. We bought the plants at a local market and one was a chili pepper.

Even the chilli's I planted from seed are beginning to flower.

We are fortunate to have had the well water to keep the potager watered during the very dry weather. It has definitely been worth the effort watering every night for what seemed like weeks...

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Diane said...

Looks healthy to me. This last week of rain has certainly perked up my veggie garden. Last year I was overrun with cucumbers but this year has been poor. Diane