Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Having cut the grass, well half of it, today I am now getting used to maneuvering the mower around the many areas marked off protecting what must be 50+ bee orchids.

They are however not quite in flower yet, but they are coming in vast numbers. Many more than we have had in previous years.

Same goes with the lizard orchids, which are mainly on our external grass verge.

The only thing that is in flower and has grown in exactly the same place as last year is the Narrow-leaved Helleborine, Cephalanthera hongifolia,   This appears to grow very rapidly, it has gone from not being visable to this in no more than three weeks. It did very nearly get the chop... again

On a different topic, we are experimenting with two cheap Lidl plastic troughs. These have been planted up and seeded with trailing plants by Elizabeth. We are hoping they will provide colour to the entrance driveway.

If successful I will make two 'purpose fit' timber ones for next year... Perhaps!!


Pollygarter said...

We used the yellow plastic tags to mark orchids too, but the birds perched on them and did what birds do all over the orchids, which didn't respond too well! Good luck with the troughs! They'll look great, and in no time you'll have them all the way along.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Looking good, Colin! I'm amazed at how those orchids have grown! (E)