Sunday, 4 May 2014

Richelieu Galopade 2014 and Brocante

Today was the annual Richelieu Galopade. We wrote a post about the 2013 event here.

As always, the runners' route takes them past the back of the house so we are able to watch from home. It was exactly the same format as in previous years. See here and here

These were some of the front runners in the 10k race. "How long have I taken so far... At least I am still up with the men!!"

Ahhh I used to run in a good few 10 K races and by the look of these two there is hope for me yet!!

After the 10k's had gone past the back of the house, we went down to Richelieu just in time to see the joint winners of the 21k race...

The point they have all been heading for!

It was then on to the Brocante which stretched the length of the Grande Rue...

All Elizabeth could do was ask why the weather could not have been like this last Sunday!!! We bought nothing as I had left my wallet at home... Works every time!

The event is always very well attended and, not wanting to miss an opportunity, there were two car dealers both with numerous vehicles on display.

It was, as usual, a very good well organised event and we are glad the weather was kind to them.

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Loire Valley experiences said...

We went to the one at Saint-Remy-sur-Creuse and the same question was asked about the weather!