Saturday, 3 August 2013

Roundabout on Tap

It was November 2012 when we last blogged about a roundabout  so thought it was about time we picked up the theme again.

In truth we could not resist the latest feature on the roundabout in the centre of Châtellerault.  Well more of an kidneybout as this snapshot from Google earth shows.

It is most certainly a fine piece of sculpture.

The droplet coming out of the tap features a map of the world.

The question we have asked ourselves is what does it represent. Water to the world perhaps!


Tim said...

Chatellerault has some of the weirdest roundabouts but that's a new one for me! P.

Craig said...

It's very creative, I'll give them that.
In case it slipped you're mind, we're waiting for the actor hanging from the clock information by the way - you're audience needs to know!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Craig, I often do forget but I put it on the bottom of the post. You can see a clip here.


Craig said...

Hi Colin - sorry I was looking under comments, duh!
I need to get a life don't I?