Tuesday, 27 August 2013


A large beetle photographed on a walk in our local wood.  Looks like a Stag Beetle but probably isn't.
+(2cm long)

A small beetle photographed on our house wall

We have no idea what that one is but it's a nice colour!
(If you wonder what the lump is on its back it is a raindrop)


Tim said...

The bottom one is a Bloody-nosed Beatle... probably Ringo... Susan will most likely let you know [there are two types around here]...

and the top beetle looks too wide and too shiny to be a Lesser Stag Beetle.
It looks like a female Stag Beetle to me... but there is nothing to give scale!
And the wing covers are usually a dark chestnut brown...
not black as pictured here...

Susan said...

The bottom one looks like a Lesser Bloody-nosed Beetle female. The top one is a puzzle. The dimples on the thorax are what is really causing my difficulty. Otherwise I would say female Stag Beetle. I'll have a think about it and a rummage through the literature and see if I come up with anything.