Saturday, 24 August 2013

Playing at shop

Yesterday Jean came over to 'play shop', in preparation for our attempt at a brocante stall in a couple of weeks time.

I must point out that we are in no way taking this seriously; it is just a bit of fun...

To begin with we played about with arrangements and colours but these didn't quite work for us..

We are allocated a three metre run of tables, and we eventually chose a piece of bottle green fabric to cover these, the better to display our wares. Fortunately this colour co-ordinated with a gazebo which Colin wisely thought would be useful as a sun shade. Our camping chairs also match, to give a pleasing and cohesive 'house style'....

Then it was down to practicalities... We sorted out who was going to be responsible for:

  • the float
  • bum bags
  • safety pins
  • pen and paper
  • scissors
  • seating
  • picnic
  • price tags and labels
  • a gazebo (for shade!)
  • first aid kit
  • photo shoot
  • publicity.......

And finally we were happy that we are ahead of the game...

Of course, we're not taking this seriously. It's only a bit of fun.............??


Susan said...

Blimey you sound organised! Best of luck.

Tim said...

I take it that Colin is responsible for the sandwich board....
and will be strolling up and down wearing it!??

Jean said...

I can't help thinking our stall will stand out a bit if we do use the gazebo !!
That will either bring people in for a look or make them run a mile.......we shall see !!

GaynorB said...

Good luck to you both.

You have some very nice things for sale so should syand out on quality alone.