Friday, 16 August 2013

Richelieu Brocante de l'Assomption

Yesterday afternoon we trekked down to Richelieu to take a look at the Bank Holiday Brocante. This year some of the stalls were located in the newly renovated market hall (Les Halles) with the remainder in the main square.

Despite it's 'Brocante status' all of the usual suspects were on display!

We bought nothing and thought is was not as well attended as in previous years with fewer stalls. Perhaps we are suffering from Brocante Blight??

Well I sincerely hope not, as Jean and Elizabeth have a forthcoming Brocante stall booked at Huismes for September 8th....

Watch this space!


Pollygarter said...

Wot no stuffed seagull?

Craig said...

I was always amazed at the inflated prices ae French brocantes when we lived there. I don't think that I ever spotted a real bargain - perhaps I was always too late to arrive and the good stuff was already taken.