Thursday, 15 August 2013

Everything you never knew you wanted...

This morning we attended the annual Auto Bourse in Le Grand Pressigny, where you can buy many of the things you may one day want but don't know it yet.

Anything and everything for your old car... A door complete with bird droppings BUT if you needed one I am sure you wouldn't mind!

I wanted to buy this little machine for Elizabeth so she could get around the garden quicker!!

and this old Massey Fergy tractor took my fancy but neither of us wanted to drive it back to Braye! Yes, that's me giving it the eye! I spent hours on one in my youth turning and rowing my uncle's hay.

I would have definitely taken home these three old bikes, dating from the early 1900's. They were superb.

It was a great morning out and is to be recommended. 


Tim said...

Great to see you... hope you didn't melt in Richelieu!!
I loved the nearest of those old bikes... the engineering on is magnificent.
I took a few close ups of the mechanix... I'll bet it was a rich persons toy tho'.

Jean said...

Wish we could have been there.........