Friday, 23 August 2013

Eggstra large

Our smallest hen, above, surprised us the other day by laying what can only be described as an eggs-traordinary egg.. It was so big that I decided to weigh it...

At 92g it is in a class of its own. In Europe, egg sizes are defined as follows:
Modern Sizes (Europe)
SizeMass per egg
Very Large73 g and over
Large63-73 g
Medium53-63 g
53 g and under

At 19g above the 'Very Large' threshold it really is big.

For comparison, here it is beside a 'medium' egg...

If that wasn't amazing enough, the next day she laid one even bigger at 95g!

This shows the two monster eggs next to eggs laid by the other two hens...

It makes your eyes water, doesn't it?!


Jean said...

It makes baking a cake so wonders how our grandmothers managed when there was no such thing as a standard egg.

Tim said...

Makes your eyes water?
I should thinkBraye was woken by the...

GaynorB said...

Just right for boiled egg and marmite soldiers - gluten free, of course.

I winder how long the egg would need to be boiled to get that runny yolk?