Monday, 8 October 2012

Gardeners' World - Braye Style!

We both avidly follow the BBC 2 programme, 'Gardeners' World' and find the advice both practical and relevant. One of the main topics at this time of year is the division of perennials, to provide more and healthier plants for the following season.

We regularly divide and bring back plants from our garden in England and they do very well indeed in their new home here in Braye. But one plant, resident here when we arrived, was a rather root bound Aster. You can see it to the right of the front door on the photo below taken in October 2010.

After this had finished flowering I dug it up and divided the root ball into several clumps which we planted around the garden and along the front garden wall.

The same process was repeated last year and this year we have an amazing display, much loved by the bees and butterflies who visit in their hundreds!

This year I think we have the opposite problem... Divided we fall!

Would anyone like a clump of asters?? Free and gratis!


Tim said...

Oui, merci!... we need some autumn/winter colour and late bee food.
But you still seem to have a gap near the corner....;-{}

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That gap is ear-marked!! So you are very welcome to as much as you would like. We'll be in touch as soon as they've finished flowering and can be dug up. :-)

Susan said...

Yep, me too -- I'll have some please.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I think we should have a "Dig yourself an Aster" day. "Bring a spade and help yourself.."

As with Tim, we'll let you know when they are ready to take. Thanks!

GaynorB said...

If they are ready when we are in residence then we'd like to say 'yes please' as well. :)

Susan said...

Good idea.