Monday, 29 October 2012

A walk around Le Lac in Châtellerault.

We last spoke about the Le Lac in Châtellerault in August when we first became aware of it. Yesterday afternoon we had a walk around it. The site was well used in the summer and as we saw yesterday, it is just as popular at this time of year. 

There were people out, like us, for an afternoon's walk...

The walk round the lake took us about forty minutes but considering the time we spent taking photos, half an hour is probably a realistic timing.

The children's play areas were entertaining a number of little ones, whilst older children and teenagers could make use of a basket ball and tennis courts..

 And what's the point of a lake if you can't throw stones into it??

Unless, of course, you're fishing in it....

The sunshine set the autumn colours ablaze.

And after a most enjoyable walk round it was back home for a good old Lancashire Hotpot. You can't beat it on a cold day!

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