Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chaveignes Marché Fermier Marché Gourmet

We'd spotted signs for the Marché Fermier; Marché Gourmet today in Chaveignes so decided to go and take a look.

Although Chaveignes is only about 7km from Braye, it is not somewhere we've ever explored so we weren't too sure where the market would be held, but the lines of cars parked along the side of the road were a sure sign that we'd arrived.

A field had been set aside for parking but due to the last week's heavy rain it resembled a quagmire, so we joined the other roadside-parked cars.

The market was a delight and well attended as is usual for these events. These photos give a flavour of the afternoon.

The youngsters were well catered for with an activity area in the courtyard of the presbytery and a selection of wooden 'games' based on those from times gone by, plus a host of other fun things.

These children were providing their own entertainment by giving rides in a wheelbarrow

 - though things didn't always go to plan..

In short, we were very glad we'd gone. And of course we bought a plant: a 'Menthe Fraise'... (Strawberry Mint!) though quite what we'll use it for I'm not sure!

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