Saturday, 20 October 2012

From the Sargasso Sea to Lencloitre Market

As a young lad and well into my adult life I was a keen fisherman. In the early days I used to ledger (bottom fish) in the River Ribble and one of the most common catches was eels (Anguillidea)... I used to think they were horrible things but never the less they used to be despatched and my dad would skin and cook them... My views on eels have not really changed over the years other than an admiration of the long long trip they make from the Sargasso sea.

Such a shame, all that way to end up in a box on Lencloitre Market...

You want which one?
No way, you will have to make do with that one!

If you want it smoked that's no problem... (It is easy to see where the French name comes from!)

Or you can buy em ready smoked

Not for me though, I had enough free as a youngster and there is no way as a pensioner that I would pay €19.95 a kilo for them... Horrible things...

Elizabeth informed me they smoke and sell them at Glasson dock, not to far from our home in England... Just a minute I am just picking myself up off the floor... £65.90 a kilo for smoked Eel... 

There is only one thing for it... Where is my old fishing tackle!

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