Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Rosier "Pierre de Ronsard"

This posting comes courtesy of my brother George and his wife Marj...

Today we bought a climbing rose "Pierre de Ronsard" to grow up the trunk of the pollarded willow

It has been well and truly watered and composted in, so should get off to a flying start.

It has even prompted me to build a little dry stone walling round the base of the tree - just to show off the rose, of course!

In no time at all we hope to see its lovely blooms..

So thank you, George and Marj, and we know you'll understand if we ask.."How do you like the bird-bath?"!


Susan said...

Have you been to the Prieuré de St Cosme (where Ronsard spent his last years, in La Riche on the outskirts of Tours)? It is well worth a visit, with lovely ruins and garden.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Susan, we've not been there yet, but I can feel a visit coming on!