Friday, 9 March 2012

Etsy shop goes live

When I mentioned in an earlier posting that I wanted an outlet for some art and craft work I've been doing, our friend, Susan, suggested the website "". At the time I hadn't heard of it but after some research I decided to give it a go!

So here are the first listings I've submitted to my Etsy 'shop' - Spangledust.... Clicking on the individual pictures will take you to the listing on the site.

I am in the process of uploading items, so there will be more to follow.

If you'd like to take an overall look at my Etsy shop, follow the link

I only hope you like what you see... and any comments (good or worse) would be appreciated, as I'm a novice and it's very much a case of 'suck it and see'!!


Susan said...

Fab - and your prices are so modest! I will work out the best way we can provide a link from Days on the Claise.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That would be great, Susan. Thanks!

Tim said...

Elizabeth, we'll happily link too... but your prices are very modest... are they realistic. I have made and sold enamel on copper jewellery, sculptures and pictures, as well as photographic prints... I started at a 100% mark-up, but found that things only really moved once I had reached around 400% of the cost of producing them. I queried this with my Dad [who was the European MD of a major buying agency] and he explained that price 'elasticity' was putting people off when it was lower... they couldn't beleive that it was good at that price... just something you might not be aware of [or am I teaching you to suck eggs, perhaps?]

The very best of luck anyhow, anyway... may the Spangledust twinkle.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That's a very fair point, Tim and something I hadn't really considered fully. I was basing prices on other Etsy sellers listings and didn't want to appear to be too high. I'll have a think about how to approach this issue.. Thank you!

Lady Justine said...

It all looks lovely! Congratulations and bon courage!

Diane said...

I have a friend in London who sells on Etsy, although she had a slow beginning she is now very busy replacing items that she has sold. She makes jewellery and bags and they seem to be selling as fast as she can make them. I have to admit I always found it difficult to find, and move around her site, but I guess it is easy once you have the hang of it. Off to look at your work on Etsy. Diane