Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Good Year for Bee Orchids

Whether this is a good year all round for Bee Orchids I'm not sure but we certainly have a much better show of them than normal. We are finding them in areas we've never had them before and mowing the lawn is becoming increasingly challenging in consequence.

Most are safely within the garden but some out on the banking risk decapitation any day now when the man from the commune comes along with his machine.

We are enjoying them whilst we can and here are one or two photos...

You can certainly see where they get their name from!

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Susan said...

This year is a normal to good year for Bee Orchids. The past decade has mostly been unusually poor years for them. They are fabulous -- so pretty. It is an absolute joy to have them coming of their own accord in the grass, and mowing around them is a small price to pay. I've noticed more and more instances of local authorities mowing around wildflowers too.