Sunday, 10 March 2013

Annual Garden Machinery Servicing

Over the past few days Colin has been servicing the various pieces of garden machinery ready for the coming season.. No mean feat!

First to go under the hammer (not quite!) was the autoportee (the ride on mower). This has seen good use both for mowing the lawn and as a much valued leaf collection vehicle in the autumn.

First job was to change the engine oil and clean all the filters. Next is to access the underneath of the machine where the cutting mechanism is. We have a simple but very effective jack to raise the machine up on its side. You can see from the debris on the mat beneath the machine that the annual service is more than worth the effort!

This year Colin removed the cutter belt guards for the first time only to discover that it gets clogged up with leaves and debris. Looks like this is another annual task!

The cutters were duly removed and sharpened.

Following the greasing of her nipples the whole was reassembled and successfully tested on some areas of long grass.

Next in line was the motobineuse. Oil change and filter clean are the main tasks here, together with drive belt inspection and general cleaning.

Finally the small petrol mower had an oil change and blades sharpened, so we are now all ready for the new season!