Saturday, 9 March 2013


We blogged about this small bird in January last year (See Here).

Yesterday Elizabeth noticed it on the peanut feeder. We have christened it a Goldtit!

We have many Goldfinches visiting our feeders, predominantly for the Niger and Sunflower seeds. But when this one, with a liking for peanuts, is on the peanut feeder it is hers...

But not all the time...

And sometimes its a case of  'What you can do, I can do better!'

The $64,000 question is is it the same Goldtit we had last year? Looking at the photographs the bird this year looks older... Tim any answers?

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Tim said...

It could well be the same one... we do get some that use the peanut feeder, but they prefer the sunflower seeds... to go as far as scrape out the other seed to get at a sunflower... but there are plenty of birds [not all ground feeders] that will clean that mess up!!

They are not very long lived... from the BTO site: Typical Lifespan: 2 years
[Maximum recorded age of a ringed bird - actual age may be greater] Maximum Recorded Age: 8 years 8 months 4 days (set in 2004).... and that is in the wild! Don't forget that they are one of the favourite "singing" caged species... here they would live longer!!

Must finish... got to fill the field feeder for the little bleeders.....>>>>>>>