Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nestbox Wars?

Interestingly, after it had been mounted only 10 days, I noticed yesterday that the new willow nestbox had a bit of moss sticking out of the hole and after further observation gathered that the new resident was a Blue Tit...

So today I thought I would attempt to take some photographs of the new nestbox residents building their nest... I got quite a surprise when I looked at the results of my stakeout.

Blue Tit 1
Came and checked it out
 Needs cleaning!!

Blue Tit 2
 Came and checked it out
 Needs cleaning!!
This one paused for thought!

Blue Tit 3

Came and had a look and flew off!!!

NOW the $64,000 question is how many different Blue Tits were there?

Looking at the full pictures it is difficult to tell but our guess is they are different ones above and there must have been others that put the moss in there in the first place! But it does answer one question we posed earlier this month "Where have all the Blue Tits gone?" They are obviously still around!


The Broad said...

That's phenomenal! Love those birds!

Tim said...

The first two were probably one... they are notorious for material stealing... actually, it is surprising how many birds steal the results of others' hard work... or perhaps... they are just reclaiming what was originally theirs!?!