Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wellie Warning - A Cautionary Tale

Last evening I put on my wellies to go out and pick the vegetables for our evening meal. That's something I've done many times and it should have been fine.

On this occasion, however, a wasp had taken up residence in my left wellie. The rest you can guess..

Suffice it to say that today, having tried vinegar, antihistamine tablets, ice packs and various ointments for such a purpose and sitting with my foot in a bucket of cold water...

I'm left with a rather sore foot...

So the moral of the tale is: Never put on your wellies without checking them for intruders first!

Footnote: (pun not intended!)
We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with two of our readers who had contacted us to say they were in the area and had some seeds for us. We were so busy nattering and setting the world to rights that we completely forgot to take any photos. 

Thank you, Liz and David from the Isle of Man, for taking the trouble to call on us during your holiday. It was great to meet you and to put a face to the statistic: 

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GaynorB said...

Ouch.... poor you, your foot does look sore!

Tim said...

I agree with Gaynor...
very hard luck!
Get well soon!

Mice, spiders, lizards...
you'd slightly expect those as a possible...
even frogs and toads...
but a wasp?
Why on earth was it there?

It isn't time to hibernate yet...
they'll have made their nest...
it must have been looking for food...
your feet must smell very sweet... they are after plums and apples at the moment!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Gaynor, thank you very much for your comment.

Tim, well, what can I say? I've never had such a compliment! My feet feel very flattered. Interestingly, my wellies were next to a bucket of plums. Do you want any? - plums, that is!!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it's Elizabeth's foot and not Colin's? You never know in this day and age. Wasp stings are hideous. Right about now, they are so drunk and angry that it doesn't take much to unleash their venomy wrath.

Jean said...

Oh dear, poor you.
Wasp stings are so painful. I recommend a couple of paracetomols alternated with some Ibuprofen every two hours. That's what NHS Direct advised me to do after foot surgery.
Try some cortisone cream on the foot, you can buy it in the pharmacie.

Susan said...

Little blighter! We've had the wasp in the shoe problem in the past, but as Tim says, during hibernation, when they are really dopey (doesn't stop them stinging you when you step on them though).

I suggest Onctose (an antihistamine cream with local anaesthetic available over the counter in France at the pharmacie) plus soaking the foot alternately in water as hot as you can bear, then cold as you can bear, repeated as often as you can stand it.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much to Jean and Susan for the advice offered. I'm afraid I've been doing exactly what you suggest, including the Onctose cream and water treatment but it has got worse this morning so we went to the Pharmacie for advice and it's an appointment with le Medecin tonight! OUCH!