Monday, 23 September 2013

Answer on a Postcard..

What were we doing yesterday??

Well, not canoeing or whaling, Jean and Tim, but good guesses none the less!

We were enjoying a walk along the coastal path to the north west of Royan, in Charente-Maritime.

The path is well marked and closely follows the coastline (a feature which is always a plus point for a coastal path, but cannot always be taken for granted!).

We had wanted to do this walk when we went to Royan earlier in September but that day was too hot. Yesterday it was around the 27C mark but as the path has plenty of shade in the form of shrubs and trees, it made for a pleasant walk

We set off from Vaux-sur-Mer and walked northwards, on Le Sentier des Douaniers.

The coast line here is made up of deep inlets, sandy bays and craggy headlands giving a different view round every corner.

We stopped to watch a couple of fishermen shrimping just off shore.

This chap had rather full wellies at the end of the afternoon!

We were surprised to see some of the things which had been washed up along the shoreline.
The tree trunk was quite a size, too!

By the time we reached le Plage du Platin St Palais, the sun was getting rather too hot for us.
We went on just to the Corniche de Terre Negre and then made our way back.
This was one of the nicest coastal walks we've ever done and one thing's for sure... we'll be going back to do more of the path, because from what we can see, it stretches off up the coast for some miles.

Highly recommended and well worth the journey!


GaynorB said...

Looks like a great area to walk especially out of holiday season.

I'll look forward to it! ;o))

The Broad said...

Oh, but I could do with some of that sunshine and sea! Lucky you two!!