Monday, 16 September 2013

Keep Fit...... to Drop!

Colin was busy rubbing down and painting window frames today so I went to dig out the compost heap, ready for it to receive the next batch of recycled vegetable matter.

It took me all day digging and barrowing it into two large piles on the potager, to be ploughed in by Monsieur Bourreau at a later date.

I had just finished when our friend and neighbour, Natalie, (M.Bourreau's daughter in law), called round to say the keep fit class - worryingly called "la gymnastique" - begins tonight at the Salle Polyvalente in Braye.
In the summer when these classes were "en vacances" I had been keen to agree to go along..... But tonight of all nights.... Why me??!

I haven't even got the excuse of a wasp-stung foot anymore. Just as the doctor predicted, five days into the course of anti-biotics the swelling and inflammation are thankfully gone.

Will I be able to move a muscle in the morning??? I wouldn't bet on it!

ps. I can't complain as Colin is still rubbing down and painting as I write...


Diane said...

You are lucky you could get out. It has pretty much rained here all day! Hope the muscles work tomorrow :-) Have a good week Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thank you Diane, I have just got home from the keep fit class... Let's just say I'm glad I left the Voltarol handy!!