Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Very Short Butterfly Survey...

After a foggy start to the day the sun broke through and temperatures quickly soared. But by early afternoon the rain had come and looked as if it was here to stay.

As so often the case round here, just as quickly as it had come, it disappeared and again we had warm sunshine. We thought we'd make the most of this and do the Butterfly Survey for September. As we left home the garden was full of butterflies feasting on a variety of plants.

However only a few feet into the survey it was clear we were not going to see masses of butterflies as on other occasions. In fact we walked the length of four "tranches", each tranch being about 200m in length, without seeing a single butterfly!

Then Colin spotted one! Unfortunately it flew way up in the air and even with a telephoto lens, it was impossible to identify it accurately.
 Can you spot the butterfly???

Things picked up later on and by the end of our survey, which usually takes us an hour and a half to complete, we had clocked a total of two Clouded Yellows, two Small Whites and the indeterminate one above!

No other butterflies to be seen...

So this is going to be a very short survey to write up; the shortest we've ever had in fact.

However, we did see the most lovely specimen of Toadflax...

I've always loved this plant since I first came upon it in the hedgerows leading to Lligwy Bay, Anglesey, when on holiday as a child with my life-long friend, Christine and her parents, Stan and Audrey.

This lovely flower evokes really happy times!

But where, oh where are the butterflies???

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