Thursday, 12 September 2013

Spot the Difference..and An Update

She's been at it again! Our smallest hen has once again laid a very large egg...

Spot the difference!

She excelled her previous best (95g). When this one went on the scales it weighed in at 100g

I cracked open the egg at lunchtime and it was another double yolker, but look at the size of the yolks!

We're the proud owners of a very clever hen!

An update on the wasp sting!

Last night I had an appointment with the doctor as my foot was just getting worse and the inflammation and swelling was starting to spread up my leg..

Again, spot the difference..

I was given a prescription for two boxes of anti-biotics, which, at 1,52euro a tablet should do the trick in a few days. Not only were they expensive, they are also huge!

Now I'm not sure whether the doctor is treating me or a horse!! Either way I hope the healing "kicks" in soon.


Susan said...

If the onctose didn't work, stop using it. Some people are allergic to something in it (not the active ingredient, but some preservative I think). Simon can't use it, but I find it excellent. Hopefully the horse tablets will do the trick.

Tim said...

Could we have a picture of the little Warren and her next huge egg together...

Hope your poor huge foot allows you to make Patrimone visits this w/e.