Friday, 3 May 2013

Up the Garden Path...

Until yesterday we could hardly see the garden path, let alone go up it!

Over the years the lawn had encroached to the extent that the path became just another part of the green area we call lawn or, more correctly, 'pelouse'.

However, it is all a matter of perception: Where you or I see an overgrown path, Colin sees a "PROJECT". And so work commenced....

The task of taking the surface off the old path was relatively easy. .... probably because I didn't do it; Colin did.

Then it was both hands on deck to dig a trench for the path edging..

By lunchtime today we had dug out one side of the path. From this we could see how the levels were going to work out before setting it in concrete.

Then it was off to get more supplies for the next stage..

Ah well; thank goodness it's the path we're doing and not the drive!

1 comment:

Craig said...

An excellent job - that Colin is a keeper!