Thursday, 30 May 2013

Roots glorious Roots

Our gravel drive  likes to grow things, just to annoy me, I think... I have even tried a flame gun to keep them down but to little effect.

The best strategy is pulling out weeds by hand and it is usually satisfying when you get a reasonable root...

This one beats them all.

Not sure what it is but it sure had the most satisfying of roots to pull up... In fact it was all root!

NOTE. We will not be writing the blog as frequently over the next few weeks due to other commitments but we hope to be back on a daily basis as soon as possible.


Jean said...

There must be something immensely satisfying about brandishing a flame gun every so often......wish I had had one before I retired to deal with the more unruly customers.......I wonder if Nick would like one for his go with his chain saw !!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

It was on Elizabeths list rather than mine but would be a good accompaniment to the chain saw... cut and burn!!!