Sunday, 5 May 2013

Richelieu Galopade 2013

Today was the annual Richelieu Galopade. We wrote a post about the 2012 event here.

As always, the runners route takes them past the back of the house so we are able to watch from home. First came the support van, with loud music blaring out of the speakers. If I had been running the music alone would have been enough to put me off!

Then came the runners; in ones and twos to begin with, then in increasingly large groups before tailing off again to single runners, walking rather than running by this stage, and looking exhausted.

No sooner had they passed than a group of cyclists appeared at the front of the house

So much energy in Braye today! We could certainly do with some of it here!


Diane said...

We have not been on our bikes this year, the weather has no been inviting! Now we are off on holiday so the bikes can stay in hibernation for a bit longer! Take care Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Diane our bikes are still in the cellar...