Thursday, 16 May 2013

Baking Challenge

Baking a cake for Colin's birthday was not without its problems. He is following a low fat diet, I have coeliac disease - so no wheat flour, barley, rye, or their derivatives - and it had to suit Colin's grandchildren.

I went for a Fat-free Sponge Cake courtesy of BBC's GoodFood website. The recipe is very straightforward with few ingredients; you can find it here:

I adapted it slightly, using gluten free self raising flour instead of plain flour, and omitting the baking powder. I also added a few drops of vanilla extract.
Ready for the oven
The recipe makes two 20cm round cakes, which can be sandwiched together with jam, cream or your choice of filling.
Twenty minutes later, it's baked to a turn!
I used a little seedless raspberry jam to sandwich the cakes and served it with whipped cream - for those who could indulge! The result was an incredibly light cake which suited everyone.
Colin, with his mum and grand-daughter
Hopefully I rose to the challenge and luckily the cake did, too!

And if you're wondering about the light bulb, let's just say it was easier to use Watts than arrange and light all those candles!


Tim said...

You can still get 75 Watt bulbs then... or was it a 40 Watt?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Now Tim, I wouldn't want to be indiscreet!

Jean said...

(I hope it was an eco friendly bulb.....)