Monday, 27 May 2013

Bath time in front of the coal fire.

This picture taken at the Richelieu Brocante  a couple of weeks ago brought back childhood memories.

Friday night bath time in a tin bath very similar to this one and in front of the living room coal fire. Circa 1950's

My parents lived in a terraced mill cottage, my mother was a weaver and my father a maintenance fitter. The house had no bathroom and an external WC at the end of the yard. The bath, as I remember, hung on a nail in the yard when not in use! This was the norm for that type of property at that time.

By the 60's they had an internal bathroom installed and the tin bath was no more.

Does not bear thinking about today but that was how it was and remarkably I have some memories of it.

Today the baths are sought after for mixing plaster! well in England that is. It would be a brave soul who mixed a bath of French plaster; it would be set before it had been mixed!


GaynorB said...

Being a child of the mid 50's I don't remember us having a tin bath, but I do remember the outside toilet and the chamber pot for use at night!!

Jean said...

Same here. Outside loo and potty under the bed.
We did have a tin bath, a relic from "the olden days", but it was mainly used for gardening purposes.

My, how posh we have become...........