Sunday, 10 June 2012

A walk along the jetty

We normally go for a walk on Sunday but with today's damp weather we decided to give it a miss (and watch the tennis instead) So here is an interesting walk we did whilst at the coast a few weeks ago...

The Jacobsen jetty in Noirmoutier was rebuilt between January 2010 and May 2011 and protects 150 hectares. It is 1813 metres in length and provides an interesting walk with a chance to photograph some of the wildlife along the way .

Details of the work to upgrade the jetty.

Looking out to the end
Looking back towards the town
 And the view out to sea from the end of the new jetty..
When we were there the Avocet, newly arrived from their migration, were attracting the attention of local bird watchers. Here a Little Egret gets in on the act..
Another unusual sight was that of a drove, pace or herd (depending which collective you prefer!) of donkeys grazing on the salt marsh..
On a hot sunny day it was a very pleasant walk... oh how different it would have been on a day like today!

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Diane said...

Then the tennis got washed out as well...... Diane