Friday, 1 June 2012

A bit of a surprise!

Last year we had a tree full of Hazelnuts... We did not manage to harvest any as the woodpecker, probably assisted by the squirrel managed to eat the lot!!! See here

This year, with the severe frosts, all the catkins shrivalled and died before the leaves even appeared on the tree so we assumed that we would have no hazelnuts at all.

What do we know...

The tree appears to have the start of small hazelnuts... Amazing... unless of course they all fall off!

If they do mature we will be ready for that pesky woodpecker this year...

First step - a scarecrow made from the big yellow waterproof Elizabeth modeled here. I suggested she could be the scarecrow but *?!!*?!!!**??! was all I  got.

Second step - Old CD's hung in the tree.

Third step - One of my old jumpers hung in the tree.

Fourth step - an air rifle and stuffed woodpecker... Bon appetit.

If any of our readers have any more ideas we would be only too pleased to try them...


Jim and Pauline said...

Don't use old CDs buy a couple of Engelbert Humperdinck's Eurovision entry - no one will go near them!!

Susan said...

My suggestion is to plant more hazel trees so there is enough to go around. We have 4 large hazels and both squirrels and woodpeckers, but they have never eaten the lot. This year I am not expecting any because the frost got the catkins, but maybe I'd better check after your discovery.