Saturday, 30 June 2012

Stone Polishing Part Two

A while ago I wrote a post about an unsuccessful attempt at polishing pebbles

Having collected more pebbles from a visit to the coast in May, I tried again and I was reasonably optimistic when I wrote about the first stage of the polishing here.

The process is now complete and I am pleased to say I'm happy with the results!

This shows the end of the first stage of polishing with an 80 grit.

Two grades of carbide grit (220 and 400) later and a week polishing with cerium oxide and the pebbles are ready to be taken out of the tumbler for the final time.

The small nylon pellets you can see in the bowl act as a buffer to prevent damage to the ground pebbles during the polishing process.

Washed and dried and the full beauty of the pebbles shines through..

Each and every one is a real gem! It was certainly worth taking that extra care in the preparation.

Now all that remains is for me to find the best way to display the results!


Diane said...

Wow, they are really beautiful, you have really picked some gorgeous pebbles there, Larger ones would make nice chain pendants. Diane

Ron Ron said...

Elizabeth, just leave them i9n a bowl to be froddled!

Ron Ron said...

I don't know where the 9 came from. It is probably because I am a two pawed trypist!