Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Toussaint - Brocante

Today is the feast of All Saints or Toussaint and in France it is recognised as a  Bank Holiday. And of course a feast day is an excuse for a Brocante - in Richelieu, at least!

The day dawned overcast with light rain but undaunted we headed down to the square for a look at the wares on offer. As is usually the case with events  like this, attendance was good and the range of items on sale was quite bewildering.

Baby equipment was well represented....


as were toys for the children.....

And for mum and dad, the standard portrait for above the bed - (I jest not!)

Stalls filled Les Halles; just about every inch was taken up.


A Brocante is very much a social occasion - a time to see and be seen......

And that includes the sunshine, which had graced us with its presence by the end of the morning.

But as we leave these events one thought is always at the forefront of our minds.....Who on earth will buy that mirror with the corner broken off it, or the doll with its arms missing, or a 1968 copy of Le Monde with half its pages missing ....... Who indeed?!

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Jean said...

I also find it baffling that anyone could think that anyone else would want to buy such stuff....and what do they do if they don't sell? I have a sneaky feeling they put them back in the grenier until next year !!