Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rambling round the villages..

Sunday afternoons have become a time for us to down tools and head for the hills - well ok, no quite the hills! We are taking the opportunity to explore the local villages.

Today's outing was to Luzé, some 10km from Braye taking in en route the village of Marigny Marmande. The Mairie and the church at Marigny were resplendent in the November sunshine.

After a short walk round to take some photos we set off again to complete the journey to Luzé.

Both villages had the usual sleepy air so typical of rural France. Luzé was the smaller of the two but it had an attractive plan d'eau and even its own crazy golf course!

The church, which you can see on the skyline in the above photo, contained some fascinating wall paintings, which we assume date back several centuries, though at the time of writing we have not had chance to verify this.

Another 3km on is the  Abbey of Saint Michel de Bois Aubry.

Unfortunately we were unable to look round the abbey as it is now in private hands and you need at least five people to book a tour out of season. It is the last resting place of the famous Russian born, American film star Yul Brynner.

Our final stop was to take a short walk in the woodland on our journey from Luzé back home to Braye. Although it is so close to Braye it is not a direction we usually take and it made a lovely end to the afternoon.


We hope to cover the walk in more detail in another blog. For today, suffice it to say the weather could not have been better for a journey through some of the most peaceful and interesting countryside you could wish to see, with the bonus of the two villages and the abbey thrown in for good measure!!


GaynorB said...


Absolutely stunning photographs.


Susan said...

The painting in church #1 looks like 19thC restoration / improvements to me. Church #2 appears to have a peculiar misalignment between tower and steeple. Is this an optical illusion?

Loire Valley experiences said...

Pauline and I,plus friends Mike and Liz from Lesigny had the Abbey down for a visit maybe we can form the appropriate group sometime! We were also doing the 'wanderlust'thing yesterday - beautiful.

Jean said...

How lucky you are to have nice weather for your wanderings!! It's been grey and dismal here for a week now.

Luzé holds a huge event every July. When we went in 2010 it was a combination of brocante, autojumble, motorcycle rally and country and western show. We couldn't really make out what it was supposed to be but it was huge fun and definitely worth going !!

Jean said...

PS, I forgot to say, the photos are great and the one of the lake with the church in the background is stunning.